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Q: Do I need a license?
A: No, there is no licensing requirements for this type of equipment
Q: Is Information Radio Transmitter System (IRTS) right for all businesses?
A: Any establishment can use IRTS, as it is has the benefit of allowing your "presence" 24/7 on a property. It can be used by restaurants to announce specials, by trailer and resort parks to list events and rules,  for special events to give out registration and parking instructions, or many other uses.
Q: Is it easy to use?
A: Set-up can be done in less than 15 minutes and is very simple and straight-forward.
Q: Is this anything like a phone hotline?
A: Only in the regards that it allows you to set up and maintain an unattended information source that is readily accessible by anyone.
Q: Where is the Transmitter setup?
A: We have found it is best set up in an office, living room, garage, or other medium-large room so that the antennae is easy to properly configure
Q: Will people call me if I give them pertinent information over the car radio?
A: Just like any other form of advertising, that is more dependent on your message than your medium.
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